The higher education training programmes in health care in Miskolc look back on a history nearly three decades. The current training integrated into the system organization of the University of Miskolc in 2001, beginning a new chapter in the progress of fulfilment of universitas. Since then, the Faculty of Health Sciences has positioned itself as the North Hungarian Regional Knowledge Centre of Health Sciences (ÉRETT) in cooperation with faculties of the University of Miskolc, strengthening synergy and making the most of advantages of interdisciplinary borderland connections; and it has been training qualified experts in prevention, diagnostic imaging analysis, rehabilitation and health tourism. We do it in the interests of enlarging the attraction of our region to the intelligentsia, as the specialists graduated at our faculty can make use of their knowledge in our native land. The high educational standard of our courses is guaranteed by our qualified lecturer-doctors of medicine and well-known lecturers with scientific qualification in the field of health care and interdisciplinary sciences, and excellent practical experts. Our educational tasks are realized together with the fellow faculties of the University of Miskolc, with our university hospital, with health institutes and professional organizations in the region, for forming the opportunities of the continuous adjustment to the diverse requirements and professional improvement of the era in the fields of education and research, too. The emphatic and holistic approach towards the people considering the individual as an integrated unit in physically, mentally and socially is inspired influences the value of the health science education. This value appears in the greeting based on the Selmec tradition of the University of Miskolc:

“Good health to the world!”

Dr. Emőke Kiss-Tóth, dean



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