The units responsible for these training programmes are the institutes as the basis of the structure in the Faculty of Health Care:

  • the Institute of Basic Health Sciences (Head of institute: Prof. Dr. László Barkai MTA doctor, professor),
  • the Institute of Applied Health Sciences (Head of institute: Dr. Emőke Kiss-Tóth dean, college professor),
  • the Institute Of INSTITUTE OF PRACTICAL METHODOLOGY AND DIAGNOSTICS (Director of Institute: Dr. Andrea Rucska, Associate Professor) and
  • the Institute of HEALTH PROMOTION METHODOLOGY (Director of Institute: Dr. Bertalan Fodor, Professor).

The institutes deal with control and synchronization of educational and research activities beside doing administrative and study tasks. Two departments belong to the Institute of Basic Health Sciences:

  • the Department of Basic Health Sciences and Health Care Management (head of department: Prof. Dr. László Barkai, professor) and
  • the Department of Nanobiotechnology and Regenerative Medicine (head of department: Dr. habil. Bertalan Fodor, college professor).

There are four departments operating in the Institute of Applied Health Sciences:

  • the Department of Preventive Health Sciences (head of department: Dr. Emőke Kiss-Tóth dean, college professor),
  • the Department of Physiotherapy (head of department: Dr. Miklós Papp, associate professor),
  • the Department of Clinical Radiology (head of department: Dr. János Martos, college professor) and
  • the Department of Physical Education (head of department: Dr. Gábor Főnyedi, assistant professor).

The Institutional Department of Outsourced Practice (Head of Institutional Department: Dr. Zsolt Gábor Szabó, Associated Professor),

the Institutional Department of Clinical Radiology (Head of Institutional Department: Dr. János Martos, Academic Professor) and the

Workgroup coordinating the Further Education work within the Institute of Practical Methodology and Diagnostics.


To strengthen dual (practice-oriented) characteristic of education, we have established our Off-site Practice Department of Applied Health Sciences in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County University Hospital. The Health Science Working Group and the Center for Health Care and Methodology (Leader: Dr. Sára Felszeghi, M.D, Associate Professor) work within the Institute of Health Proomotion and Methodology. The Faculty of Health Care in at the University of Miskolc is on the cutting edge among the faculties of health care, regarding the lecturer excellence in the quality range of faculties of Hungarian higher education institutions. This lecturer base guarantees our practice-oriented training programmes focusing on student competences and acquirement of useful knowledge. With the help of gained project of recent years, our faculty has made important development in infrastructure and human resources, so a regionally unique research equipment base was purchased. Owing to the development, the Faculty of Health Care has made cooperation with the engineering faculties of the university within the confines of the Applied Materials Science and Nanotechnology Excellence Centre and made a strategic partnership with the Faculty of Ecomonics, the Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering and the Cave Spa in Miskolc-Tapolca to establish a Virtual Health Tourism Research Centre – where the complex examination and research on climate, hydro and physical therapy are carried out.

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