About the Faculty

Our faculty trains graduated experts in the field of health care by cycle training programmes and further training courses to satisfy the social health demand of the region. At present we provide four accredited programmes on the basis of education of health sciences:

  • Bachelor programme in Nursing and Patient Care – specialization in Physiotherapy;
  • Bachelor programme in Health Care and Disease Prevention – specialization in Health Visitor;
  • Bachelor programme in Medical Laboratorial Diagnostic Imaging Analysis – specialization in Medical Diagnostic Analysis;
  • Bachelor programme in Health Care Management – specialization in Health Tourism Management.

Our master programs are the Health Care Social Worker and Recreation, and the other, the Health Teacher is a joint program with the Faculty of Arts. Postgraduate specialist training courses are offered for the graduated health care experts to acquire special knowledge of their fields. Our faculty provides specialised further training programmes

  • in Special Physiotherapist in Podiatric Rehabilitation,
  • in Health Visitor in Youth Health Prevention,
  • in Clinical Research Associate (CRA),
  • in Podiater, Indian Medicine and in Balneotherapy/Balneotherapist.

There is great interest regarding these courses and the compulsory training courses for health care professional groups and the conferences for gaining credit points, since our institution operates as the regional centre for further training of health personnel. Within the framework of higher-level vocational training, there is always a potential for opening new training programmes, as there is a demand on highly qualified experts in more and more specialized areas – that was the reason for the introduction of our Medical Diagnostic Laboratory Assistant training programme.

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